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Avoid Higher Gas Prices in March

March is one of the worst months of the year to buy gas and the reason is simple. Oil Refineries undergo maintenance this time of year as they are transitioning to a formula for the warmer months ahead.

When they go through this maintenance they cut production of fuel which limits gasoline supply.  As a simple rule of thumb is that a lower supply leads to higher prices. The increase in gas prices will be around 10 cents a gallon  and possibly up to 20 cents a gallon in California. According to the Energy Department’s U.S. Energy Information Institute,  the average gas price is $3.48 which is higher than a week ago. Usually the maintenance lasts until April or May so you can avoid these increases if you use GO15 in your vehicle.

GO15 engine treatment is proven to help you save at the pump. When you use GO15 there is an improvement in the Ring to Cylinder Wall Seal. This is developed by GO15 and that creates a Higher Combustion Efficiency resulting in improved mileage performance.

These reductions in surface tension reduce the metal-to-metal friction and result in an improvement in all of the fundamental operating efficiencies including increased fuel mileage, longer engine life and a significant lowering of emissions.