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for a years worth of 6-8 cylinder
engine treatments with GO-15-HF™


Treatment Plan

When you buy GO-15-HF™, you are committed to treating your vehicle's engine better, you are committed to operating at peak performance and efficiency, and you are committed to saving money and providing a greener planet for the rest of us. The treatment plan allows GO-15-HF™ to work at its best, and to do this GO-15-HF™ needs to be used at each oil change after its initial use. GO-15-HF™ is offered in discount packs that fully treat your car for 1 year, based on the average of 12,000 miles of driving per year. Here's how it works:

AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Step 1: The first bottle is used as your treatment prep. Install the first bottle of GO-15-HF™ to your cars' engine and drive 1000 miles.

Step 2: At 1000 miles, change your oil and oil filter and add the 2nd bottle of GO-15-HF™ in addition to your normal level of oil.

Step 3: At approximately every 3000 miles or other manufacturers recommended service interval for conventional oil change maintenance, change your oil and filter and add GO-15-HF™ in addition to your normal level of oil.

After approximately 12,000 miles and 1 year, or once you have used your last bottle of GO-15-HF™, buy another GO-15-HF™ discount pack, containing 4 bottles of GO-15-HF™ for the next year of engine treatment and maintenance, or next series of maintenance intervals.

Enjoy the benefits! GO-15-HF™ is also available by single bottle purchase, and larger quantities. Contact us for more information.
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