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Use GO15 When You Change Your Oil

If you have only used just one bottle of GO15, you will not get all the benefits like better gas mileage, lower emissions and better fuel economy. GO15 needs to be used every time you change your oil.

After the first bottle is used for your treatment prep you change your oil. This takes away part of the initial engine treatment and if you do not consistently add GO15 it will eventually be completely gone from your engine. That is why when you change your oil you should add GO15 again to maintain the repair it has done to your engine. Each time you add GO15 when you change your oil it embeds deeper into your engines metal surfaces. This chemical reaction reduces friction, heat, wear, corrosion, rust and chemical attacks on treated metal surfaces.

When to change your oil?

We recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles, however on some new cars we have seen every 5000, 10000 or as high as 15,000 miles. Usually the higher the mileage interval depends on the quality and type of oil. Synthetic motor oil can be changed every 5000 miles.

Depending on your cars make or model it depends on when you should change your oil and you should check your owners manual for your car. Oil change information is in the maintenance chapter of your owner’s manual. If for some reason you’ve misplaced your owner’s manual, many automakers have put their manuals online. You can also search our Edmunds Maintenance Schedules. They have an extensive maintenance database on vehicles dating back to l980.

When to use GO15 engine treatment?

We recommend having a years supply of GO15 which usually consists of 4 bottles. If you buy 4 bottles at a time you only pay for the cost of 3. Get a years supply at our engine treatment products page.

The first bottle is used as your treatment prep which can be put into your engine immediately. Then usually you want to drive about 1000 miles so that GO-15 starts to clean your engine and repair the wear and tear of your engine. Most cars use the 12oz bottle which treats up to 6 quarts of oil but if you have a smaller 4 cylinder engine you only need the 8oz bottle.

At 1000 miles, change your oil and oil filter which you can do yourself or you can have a mechanic do it. Then you or your mechanic can add the 2nd bottle of GO15 in addition to your normal level of oil.

At approximately every 3000 miles or what your vehicle recommended service interval for conventional oil change maintenance, change your oil and filter and add GO-15™ in addition to your normal level of oil.

After approximately 12,000 miles and 1 year, or once you have used your last bottle of GO-15™, buy another GO15 discount pack, containing 4 bottles of GO15 for the next year of engine treatment and maintenance, or next series of maintenance intervals.