GO-15-HF™ Testimonials

Engine Treatment Review from Nelson Louviere
Nelson Louviere GO-15-HF customer who uses it in factory equipment and vehicles.

"I am writing to follow up on our conversation regarding the issue I was having with the gear box on my feed mixer becoming excessively hot during use. Per your suggestions, I added 1 ounce of GO-15-HF you supplied me with, and the results were phenomenal. After mixing 3 batches of feed, the reduction gearbox was noticeably cooler than compared to just 1 batch without it. I'd like to thank you for your help and plan to begin using this product in my truck and tractors as well."

Steve Sturgess a trucking commentator and the Lead Columnist for Diesel Progress addresses one of the biggest concerns for trucking fleets - fuel economy.

"With fuel economy being such a concern today, fleets should turn to GO-15-HF™. This is the best opportunity to pick up some significant fuel savings. Consider that if you go from 7.2 mpg to 8 mpg on a tractor trailer with GO-15-HF™ you save $5,000 on fuel per year. For every 20,000 miles you cover you will be saving $1,000! Thats just too good to pass up."

Mike Ryan High Performance Professional Truck Racer and Stunt Driver

"I don't put anything in this truck. GO-15-HF™ gives me that little extra something that I need and that's the only way we can succeed up there. Go-15™ makes a difference."

Douglas Hoelze a Selective Demolition Business Owner (DHC) has had great improvement on reliability in his company's heavy equipment fleet after he started using GO-15.

"I have been using GO-15-HF™ on all of our transmission, rear end, engine, power steering, and hydraulic systems. Since we started using GO-15-HF™ over 10 years ago we have had zero bearing or gear related failures in our vehicles."

D.J. Hoelzle a race car driver notices immediate benefits after using GO-15-HF™.

"During my racing career I have tried several oil additives with no results. That is why I was skeptical about the product, but after trying it i saw immediate benefits like increased horsepower, increased performance, and reduced heat. "

Ron Presser a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX owner has been using GO-15-HF™ for over a year with great success.

"Ever since using GO-15-HF™ I have gotten substantial increase in my miles per gallon. Before I would average about 250 miles on a full tank. Now I am averaging anywhere from 270 to 290 depending on the way I drive. I have been skeptical about similar products before, but a friend of mine convinced me to try GO-15-HF™ and I am very satisfied I did."

Liz Mertel a California Student wanted to improve the miles per gallon on her vehicle to save money.


Mr. Richard U, California business owner, Porsche race car driver, auto enthusiast. Decided to try GO-15-HF after being told his 1982 Porsche 911SC Street/Race car needed a $10,000 total engine rebuild due to worn seals and excessive oil leaks all over the engine. His mechanic said he was in danger of an engine fire unless he rebuilt the motor.

"I was kinda bummed to learn I needed the motor rebuilt, financially bad timing for me. So I did some research online and found GO15.com and ordered the product. It mentioned that it fills in worn gaps and I thought, maybe it would help my motor. Boy was I right! The motor leaked oil like crazy before GO15. I kept two fire extinguishers in the car just in case of an oil fire. Then I tried GO-15-HF and Wow! Seriously, almost no oil drops. The motor runs great, runs cool and second best of all, gets at least 16 to 16.5 miles per gallon now, up from my normal 15. Now I'm going to try this on my SUV and see how it goes. I love GO15!"

Mr. Steve P., Marketing Specialist, and auto enthusiast. Steve decided to give GO-15-HF a shot after his friend Richard told him about how it improved the mileage and performance of his Porsche 911SC and his SUV.

"A friend of mine told me about Go-15 and how it improved the mileage and performance of his car so I decided to give it a shot. Before using Go-15 my truck was getting between 16-17 mpg and now it gets between 18-19 mpg. That is around 10-15% improvement. I also noticed an overall improvement in power and performance. Can't thank GO-15-HF™ enough."

Mr. William Berkshire was introduced to GO-15-HF™ and after using it was so satisfied with the results that he started to recommend it to his friends and people in the community.

"I have been using GO-15-HF™ on all of our family vehicles for the past five years. I am a true believer in the Metal Lubricity Technology of GO-15-HF and have recommended it to many friends with very positive feedback from them. After I started using this product I noticed an average improvement of 1-2 mpg in all my vehicles, a significant improvement with today's gas prices. GO-15-HF Also improved the performance of my vehicles dramatically; they are all running much smoother and quieter now. I believe in GO-15-HF™. I believe in Metal Lubricity Technology."

Peter Steinbroner from Redondo Beach, California bought a used Volvo and decided to treat it with GO-15-HF™.

"I bought an old Volvo on 40k miles. I started treating it with GO-15-HF from the very beginning and the car has been running great. It is now at 120k miles and counting. I was thinking of selling it, but I may keep it because it is running so well. I am a very happy customer."

John Fellers a Jaguar owner has been using GO-15-HF™ for the past 30k miles and has never had a better car performance.

"I have been using GO-15-HF™ on my Jaguar for the last 30k miles. It has kept my engine quiet and running great. I also noticed an increase in miles per gallon and I am saving money and having a lot better car performance using GO-15-HF™. I really recommend this – It is the best product I ever used in my car."

Email from Paul AllenGO15 Testimonials

I use GO-15 in all three of my vehicles 1 is a 1998 Ford Explorer ,a 2011 ford F-150 and A 2005 Buick park ave and when I bought it it used a qt every 1000 miles or less and the oil was as black as all get out, after 5 or 6 oil changes the oil after 3000 miles is as clear as when I put it in I have my vehicles serviced at a ford dealership and there oil is good for 5000 miles, the Buick now uses about 1 qt every 5000 miles. Thank you for your product.

Email from Will Davis from Clwr., FL

Just want you to know we travel from Clwr., Fl. to Charlotte, NC several times a year. We drive a 2006 Ford Exped. with 120,000 miles. We consistently get 4 more mpg,16 to 20,with GO 15. Just 3 months ago I forgot to add it and we were back to 16 mpg. Three weeks ago, we made another trip with a fresh oil change and Go15 we were back to 20 mpg.Pretty cool!

Email from Nick Viaches from Brighton, MI

"Looking forward to getting my product this week. I've used GO-15-HF in all 4 of our vehicles for years, and the stuff is really quite impressive. Recommended this to all my friends and family too, and they are equally pleased. My 2003 GMC Sierra has 243K miles on it, and is going strong. I wouldn't even think of running a vehicle without adding some every oil change! The stuff just works. Period!"

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Mr. Don Gray, a heavy truck sales and service manager with Caterpillar with over 25 years experience in his industry, documented the results of his experience with Engineous GO-15-HF™  in his 1995 Ford Explorer. Mr. Gray experienced an overall 22% increase in MPG while pulling a heavy load using 87-Octane fuel.

“I would recommend Engineous GO-15-HF™ Engine Treatment  to every consumer and especially to the large truck users as a way to improve profits through improved fuel mileage and less wear and tear”.

Dr. Aiden O’Rourke M.D. achieved similar results in his 1995 Cadillac STS Seville. His average day-to-day MPG in the first two years of ownership was 13.8 to 13.9 MPG. After his initial engine treatment of Engineous GO-15-HF™  his mileage increased to 16.6 MPG. Since retreating his engine Dr. O’Rourke has experienced a consistent 17.2 MPG, an overall increase of 24.6%.

“I was so impressed by the results, I purchased the rights to the product and I started the company Engineous. To date, GO-15-HF™  is the most economical method to decrease emissions and increase fuel economy”.

Don Hearn & Sons InC., a large trucking firm agreed to Controlled study of GO-15-HF™  and had this to say about the results of this study:

"As confirmed by neutral laboratory testing, our trucks averaged an increase of 17.5% in fuel efficiency and, additionally, the engine wear was reduced by at least 50%. Thank you for giving Don Hearn & Sons the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of your engine treatment product. When Go15 goes to market, Don Hearn & Sons would certainly purchase this product for continuous use in our fleet."

DHC Construction Services of Dunedin Florida had the following to say about their heavy equipment:

“We agreed to treat our whole fleet of trucks and equipment with the Engineous oil treatment GO-15-HF™ . Since then we have shown a 21% decrease in fuel amounts burned. One of our roll-off trucks ran low on water and got extremely hot before the driver saw it. It should have ruined the motor but we are happy to report that there was no damage and that was 2 months ago.

I have personally given the engine treatment product to eight of my friends and they all have seen the improvement in their applications from boats to Jeeps. You can be proud of your product because it does what you claim it would do and more”.

Mr. Fred O. Brenner Sr. the Mayor of the City of Winchester Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis has repeatedly treated his 1999 Chevy Blazer with GO-15-HF™  since May of 2004 and had this to say.

“I have been driving SUV’s for 15 or more years and have used a number of motor oil additives, but nothing compares to Engineous GO-15-HF™ . The 1999 Blazer I have now with 60,000 miles on it now performs better than when it was brand new with 10 miles on the speedometer. It starts easier in sub-zero temperatures and runs cooler in hot weather 90 degrees and above.

I have had an increase in miles per gallon of gas in the city and on the highway. The gas mileage improvement is in the range of 19 to 20 percent”.

Testimonial from Ryan Richardson President of Car Cannibal, LLC

“I have an ’05 Dodge 3500 crew cab 4wd w/ 6 speed transmission and 110K miles. When I first introduced the product in July of ‘06 my baseline was 18.5 MPG under normal driving conditions. At around 4700 miles or 1700 miles into my second oil change w/ the product I saw my first real increase in fuel mileage to 19.6.

My test was interrupted with 2 heavy long distance loads but when I resumed normal driving again at about 7000 miles my gas mileage had improved to 21.2 or 13%. My cylinder head temperature has also decreased slightly from 192 to around 182. Very impressed and my MPG has stayed consistent as of January 9, 2007”.

Letter from Keith Skousen of Lehi, Utah dated April 21, 2007.

"I am enclosing a check for Sixty-six and 80/100 dollars. It is for four bottles of 8 ounce GO-15-HF™ .... The last four bottles that I have ordered has been a great gasoline saver in my 1997 Protege Mazda... My mileage went up from 20 miles per gallon to 30. My four wheel drive 1995 Suburu didn't do quite as well.. The gas mileage increased from 17 miles to the gallon to 23...  Keep up the good work... "

Letter from Marianne Green

"I have been using Go 15 in my car for the past 7 years. My car is a 1988 Mercedes Benz 420 SEL. And, yes, it turned 25 years old this year. I had some engine work done in 2005 and started using Go 15 in 2007. My car runs beautifully! I have faithfully added Go 15 to all my oil changes in that time and my engine performs great. In fact, at this point, I am afraid to not add Go 15! What if my car doesn't run as well?
I have never calculated whether or not I save 15% in fuel costs. I now live in Texas and everything is far away, so I fill up whenever. If it saves me on gas that's just great, but my main concern is keeping my car in top running form. And Go 15 has certainly done that. I have owned my car for 15 years now and the engine has the power it had when I first got it. Thank you Go 15! "

Letter from Bob Hudspeth of Denver, NC in December 2008

"I was pretty skeptical whether this product would really work, but I thought I would try it. I have a 2003 Buick that was getting 16 mpg. I started using GO-15-HF and my mileage went from 17 mpg to 21 mpg. That is a 3 mpg improvement. I am very impressed and, with the current gas prices, I am happy I found GO-15!" It's a whopping 23.5% improvement!!! and GO-15-HF is definitely a keeper."

Letter from Glenn Maze of Charlotte, NC in January 2009

"We decided to do a test on the fuel consumption between the trucking side and construction side of our company. The test results using GO-15-HF were shocking. Having the same work load if not more, we purchased 15% less fuel than the previous months. Our trucks were running from Charlotte to Wytheville on I-77 with 2 more gears than ever before and the trucks went from 5.6 miles per gallon to 7.2 miles per gallon after just one month."

Actual scan of a letter sent by Jim Palmer Trucking in December, 2011
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Jim Palmer GO15 Testimonial

Testimonial of superior performance that arrived May 2012.
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GO-15 Testimonial of superior performance