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GO-15-HF™ - 1 Gallon   $99.95

Perfect for Trucks.

- increase gas mileage

-increase performance

-stay on the road longer
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"Fuel mileage efficiency increased 20 percent from an average of 4.65 mpg to 5.58 mpg," said Don Hearn of Don Hearn & Sons, a Canadian trucking firm, who ran a controlled, two-month study in 12 long-haul trucks. Lab tests showed engine wear was reduced. Oil samples analyzed by Herguth Laboratories, Vallejo, Calif., found wear metals in the oil averaged 64 percent lower after two months of use. Developed after eight years of research, Go-15 uses a proprietary formula to "repair" metal surfaces. The product can be used with all petroleum-based and synthetic oils in both gas or diesel engines in trucks, construction equipment or cars.

Enjoy the benefits! GO-15-HF™ is also available by single bottle purchase, and larger quantities. Contact us for more information.
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