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6 Little Known Facts That Can Boost Your Fuel Economy

With the gas prices practically in the sky (at least it feels that way); everyone is looking for a way to save a few bucks at the pump this year. So here are six simple ways that you can make that MPG go a little further this year.

1. Old Engine Oil=Lower Fuel Economy

Yes, the quality of your engine oil does indeed affect your fuel economy. So make sure you change the oil in your car according to your vehicles maintenance schedule, and you will be a step ahead at the gas pump.

2. Stop Carrying Dead Weight

Here’s the deal; traveling with excess weight in your vehicle makes your engine burn fuel faster thus degrading your fuel economy. Want to get another boost of MPG’s? Start cleaning that car out to get rid of all the junk that isn’t being used. No matter how you make your car clean, just remember that the less weight your car carries, the more your gas mileage will improve.

3. Break Your Bad Driving Habits

Let’s face it; you and I both probably have some bad driving habits. Did you know, aggressive driving such as rapid accelerations and speeding can decrease your gas mileage by 33%! The more steady and consistent your driving becomes, the more fuel efficient your vehicle will be.

4. Cruise Control Won’t Help You

The fact that cruise control keeps you going at a constant speed doesn’t take in to account shifts in the terrain. Try it yourself. Set the cruise at 60 MPH and listen to how hard your engine accelerates when you drive up an inclined section of freeway. If all roads were flat, cruise control would be perfect for optimizing your fuel economy. But because most roads are made up of series’ of inclines and declines and are rarely flat, you have much more control over how your vehicle handles the road if your foot is actually on the pedal. So, stay in control of your cruising and you’ll be on your way to maximized fuel economy in no time at all.

5. Avoid Traffic

Ok ok, I know what you’re already thinking. How is not getting stuck in traffic a “little known secret’ to boost fuel economy?! Clearly no one in their right mind goes looking for traffic. Crawling along the road at a snail’s pace is not the most efficient way to use your limited gas supply.

6. Keep Those Tires Properly Inflated

I wasn’t going to include this tip, because I thought it was common knowledge that under-inflated tires drastically affect your fuel economy. Also, tires with low air pressure do a lot more than lower your fuel economy. Low tire pressure can also lead to premature wear, poor handling, and even massive failures while driving on the highway. So do yourself a favor, and swing by your local gas station and make sure check your tire pressure today.

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