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What is the best engine treatment and engine cleaner?

As professionals for more than 25 years in the auto industry, we have seen many oil additives and engine treatments/restorers, most of which do not benefit the oil or engine.

Marketing today leads the consumer to believe they need to change their oil every 10,000 miles. This is actually hurting the automotive service business, however benefiting the manufacturer with increased levels of later life repairs.

Our company has been maintaining a new state of the art Mercedes for 15 years, among others. Continuing to change the oil at 3000-3500 miles and this car has never had an engine blow, or has been severely damaged, dirty or in need of a ‘chemical cleaning’. In fact, some gunk is good.

There are few engine oil treatments that actually help increase friction modifiers in conventional and synthetic oils. Oil longevity and clean engines can only really result from frequent oil changes…far more frequent than manufacturers typical recommend. Friction modifiers/oil engine treatments are supposed to make oil do a better job, by giving oil help to protect against high friction/metal to metal contact areas in the engine.

For our company, a better way to address engine wear is to repair the engine where the friction and metal to metal contact is. Using a product from Engineous USA, Inc. called GO15 engine treatment, repairs the damage and restores the metal surfaces to like new. Some of the great byproducts are a cleaner engine, cleaner engine oil, more power, increase fuel economy, and less pollution. The clean engine part is done naturally. The product bonds with the metal surfaces, thereby releasing the dirt because it bonds under it.

GO15 is not an engine cleaner, but it is an engine treatment designed to help repair friction causes, and it lets the engine oil do what it supposed to, and naturally friction is noticeably reduced. GO15 is added to the engine oil, but it only used the oil as a delivery mechanism to get to the parts it can work on best.