How do gas prices effect your engine treatment?

The more you spend on gas, the more you spend on the engine of your car and the engine treatment then too. The cost of gas has always been going up, so then the cost for engine treatment has been increasing too. And with the steady increase in gas comes the pain we feel when we see how much it is costing to fill that tank all the way up. But here in the United States we do feel less of a pain at the pump than most countries. There are only 5 countries that feel less of a pain at the pump than Americans do. Four of those five countries are OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) members; those five countries are Venezuela, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Luxembourg.  Despite the fact that gas is so expensive, we in America are lucky because we have access to GO15. GO15 will help increase your fuel economy and lengthen your engine’s life.

What Country pays the most for gas?

Save on Gas PricesThere are only two countries that have extreme pain at the pump. Pakistan and India both have a gallon of gas that costs more than one whole day worth of work. In Pakistan the average daily wage is $3.55 yet a gallon of gas costs $4.08.

Norway, however, has the most expensive gas price in the world. They are topping the list at $9.79 a gallon of gas. Even though their gas price is so high, it only costs Norwegians 3.6% of their daily income to pay for a gallon of gas.

GO15 Helps Reduce the impact of Gas Prices

WhiteSMALL However, GO15 is proven to help you save at the pump. When you use GO15 there is an improvement in the Ring to Cylinder Wall Seal. This is developed by GO15 and that creates a Higher Combustion Efficiency resulting in improved mileage performance.

Although when it comes to the consumption of gas, Americans are number one, at 1.2 gallons per person each day. That is 31% more than Canadians who are number two in consumption. While our average daily consumption is the highest in the world, our percentage of daily income spent on gas is average, if not less than average of that of the rest of the world. Americans average a daily income of $151 and of that we spend 2.5% of it to buy gas.

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  1. We have taken one short trip since our go15 application. At this writing I can see no appreciable difference in my fuel economy. The go15 was poured in after our last oil change and before the trip. Does this mean that the go15 has no impact on a 4-cylinder chevy equinox engine?

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