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Why Gas Prices are Going Down

You may have noticed but your wallet is feeling a little more full when you visit the pump these days. Prices of gas have dropped near this year’s low and on their way even lower.


Across the U.S.A regular unleaded averages $3.28 per gallon. However certain places are paying just $2.75 because of less demand after the summer months when people hit the road more often. Other contributors to lower gas prices are large global crude oil inventories and vast supplies.

Two key factors will keep gas prices on this downward trend throughout the winter months.

  • Winter-blend fuel is cheaper to make as most oil companies have made the switch.
  • Declining ethanol prices

10% of gas stations in the U.S.A have gas prices at less than $3. Last year only 3% were.

There was a steep drop in average gas prices on Monday with a decrease of more than 2 cents. This was the steepest drop in almost a year.

There is not only good news for everyday motorists but there has also been a decline in diesel gas prices for truckers. This week prices were down to $3.71 per gallon which is down from $3.89 a year ago.

Another benefit is that nobody is trying to stop the slide in oil prices because that is OPEC’s responsibility. OPEC could try to push prices back up by limiting production. This past October, OPEC made the decision to maintain production at normal levels, which resulted in lowering prices for oil even more.

Since the Summer of 2014 crude oil prices have dropped more than 50 percent. Ranging from over $100 a barrel to under $50, which is a massive decline. From the mid-1980’s to the mid-2000’s, prices were never above $60.

Save even more on gas prices when you use an engine treatment that works even better with winter-blend fuel grade. GO15 is an engine treatment that increases your vehicles miles per gallon and lowers your emissions. It works by smoothing the metal surface in your engine, reducing friction giving you more miles per gallon.

How do gas prices effect your engine treatment?

The more you spend on gas, the more you spend on the engine of your car and the engine treatment then too. The cost of gas has always been going up, so then the cost for engine treatment has been increasing too. And with the steady increase in gas comes the pain we feel when we see how much it is costing to fill that tank all the way up. But here in the United States we do feel less of a pain at the pump than most countries. There are only 5 countries that feel less of a pain at the pump than Americans do. Four of those five countries are OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) members; those five countries are Venezuela, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Luxembourg.  Despite the fact that gas is so expensive, we in America are lucky because we have access to GO15. GO15 will help increase your fuel economy and lengthen your engine’s life.

What Country pays the most for gas?

Save on Gas PricesThere are only two countries that have extreme pain at the pump. Pakistan and India both have a gallon of gas that costs more than one whole day worth of work. In Pakistan the average daily wage is $3.55 yet a gallon of gas costs $4.08.

Norway, however, has the most expensive gas price in the world. They are topping the list at $9.79 a gallon of gas. Even though their gas price is so high, it only costs Norwegians 3.6% of their daily income to pay for a gallon of gas.

GO15 Helps Reduce the impact of Gas Prices

WhiteSMALL However, GO15 is proven to help you save at the pump. When you use GO15 there is an improvement in the Ring to Cylinder Wall Seal. This is developed by GO15 and that creates a Higher Combustion Efficiency resulting in improved mileage performance.

Although when it comes to the consumption of gas, Americans are number one, at 1.2 gallons per person each day. That is 31% more than Canadians who are number two in consumption. While our average daily consumption is the highest in the world, our percentage of daily income spent on gas is average, if not less than average of that of the rest of the world. Americans average a daily income of $151 and of that we spend 2.5% of it to buy gas.

Avoid Higher Gas Prices in March

March is one of the worst months of the year to buy gas and the reason is simple. Oil Refineries undergo maintenance this time of year as they are transitioning to a formula for the warmer months ahead.

When they go through this maintenance they cut production of fuel which limits gasoline supply.  As a simple rule of thumb is that a lower supply leads to higher prices. The increase in gas prices will be around 10 cents a gallon  and possibly up to 20 cents a gallon in California. According to the Energy Department’s U.S. Energy Information Institute,  the average gas price is $3.48 which is higher than a week ago. Usually the maintenance lasts until April or May so you can avoid these increases if you use GO15 in your vehicle.

GO15 engine treatment is proven to help you save at the pump. When you use GO15 there is an improvement in the Ring to Cylinder Wall Seal. This is developed by GO15 and that creates a Higher Combustion Efficiency resulting in improved mileage performance.

These reductions in surface tension reduce the metal-to-metal friction and result in an improvement in all of the fundamental operating efficiencies including increased fuel mileage, longer engine life and a significant lowering of emissions.